A bit about me...

My background is in mechanical engineering, industrial design and fine art. My Dad was a textile designer and he introduced me at an early age to figurative drawing and illustration, as well as perspective drawing.

Educated in Europe in mechanical engineering and Graphic design, with additional courses in portrait and anatomical drawing, I have been trained to work in most traditional techniques/media as pencils, charcoal, watercolour, airbrush and acrylic painting.

By being part of a small graphics department in a big company, I got introduced to photo-retouching, airbrushing and photo-realistic illustration. I did 'exploded views' of complex machinery for spare parts catalogues and assembly instructions, repair instructions, training and users manuals, as well as glossy brochures, airbrush artwork, and all kinds of visual art. This way I gained lots of experience in visual communication, and learned in practical situations how to show functions, procedures, assembly steps etc...and how to make complicated technology visible and understandable for non-technicians.

When changing/moving to digital techniques and working with computers, I had to learn how to draw with an electronic pen, starting with Adobe Photoshop version 1.0. Introduced to 3d modelling and animation at an early stage with Caligary TrueSpace and Cinema4D, I had to learn that, apart from "a picture being worth a thousand words" now "an animation is 30 pictures per second!!!"

After working as a freelance illustrator in many different fields, and with some great art directors, my range of work has widened from simple icons to complex cutaways, from concept sketches to abstract freestyle painting and textile designs. Technical, natural, and fantasy illustration have become my everyday work extended to 3d modelling and animation. Video editing and camera tracking, to incorporate 3d models into real video footage, has also become part of the routine...and I still love doing it all...

Albert Maier Illustrator Auckland NZ
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